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Real Periodic Table Of Information About All Metals Is Banned Because OF The Malevorah, For The Valaei Proof Consider That Both Stainless Steel, Fools Gold And Any Color "Acrylics" Are Both More Durable In All Materials Testing Characteristics And Never Corrode,, AND ARE SHINNY FOREVER!

Why Pay More For Something that IS Shitty, Enslaves You Detarnishing It And Is A Piece Of Shit That Poisons You With Lead Doped In Compared To Mostly Pure Actually Silver CNT Reinforced Alloys.


Stainless Steel Is Thus The Only Way To Go Unless You Need Stainless Varieties Mixed To Produce Any Color Displayable On A Computer Screen.

The Viacad Family Will Lend A Helping Hand With The Software: Viacad-FX

Send Injection Mold/Casting designs To To Get It Produced Since That's Where The Hillmovers Take A Hill With A Crane Put It In A 100 Foot High Truck Take It To The Forge And Let The different Elements Sift downwards, Not That dwarves don't Mine But They Mine All Over The Country And A Ton Of That Goes To Texas{In The Middle Of The Continent Basically}.

Jewelry and Personal Keepsakes Will Be Forged With Liquid Tritium, The Heaviest Form Of Hydrogen; Which Condenses/Liquefies At The Coldest Temperature. Tools With Deuterium, The Second Heaviest Isotope Of Hydrogen And Other Stuff Including Building Supports, Screws, Nails, And Bolts With Hydrogen. If You Smith Yourself Drop Metal Directly From Forging Searing Hot Instantly And Directly Into Water Full OF H20 Ice So That The Metal Crystals Are Very Small And Only HAve Crystal Deformations To the Next Nucleation(State Change) Site Born Crystal. Steel Has To Have Some Impurities Mixed(Mainly Carbon) Into IT To Make It Strong And Not A Biohazard Level 3 Substance Because Other Wise Screw And Lateral Dislocations Would Cause It To Be Like Mercury And Just A Poisonous So if You Do Purify The Metal With A Long Column OR Centrifuge Make Sure To Add Some Pure Black Fully Fertile Dirt From A Garden Into The Molten Metal Before It Is Cast Molded Or Sold In Bulk And That's It,,, Unless You Know What You aRe Doing Doping It!

To Magically Imbue Items Perform This:
Magic Guild Book To Charge Your Magic Gizmos. Then Charge It With Your Proper And Always Karmic(Or Else You Will Be Removed From The Magic Guild) Chi Aura. Then Call It An Enchanted Mythral Item, For According The Old And Ancient Way And The Illuminati It Will Be, If Mixed And Forged Properly!


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Hunt Down Sabrina Silver They Sell Purposely Weak And Defective Shit At High Cost To Children Who Are Who Need Money And Don't Accurately Report Their Defective Products Sizes, Shapes, Color, Material, And Don't Even Provide Everything They Claim Goes With It, Like The Chain On A Necklace, And Then Even Filed Lawsuits Against Us Even Though They Syndicated Our Designs And Warped Their Products Into Things People Could Never Use Without Being Laughed At. Then Expect It Mailed Back To Get The Money Back So The Child Loses Proof OF The Scam And Never Give Anybody's Money Back Even When Everything Sent Comes Back Claiming That They Didn't Get What Was Never Sent. Do The Same With Any Other Seller Once Reporting Them To !